We only take a few dogs in at a time to make sure they get all the attention they need. call for avalibility.


 We do not use force fetch techniques. We use British training methods which are much more rewarding for the dog. We do not use E collars! Our training is based on positive reinforecment. Our dogs are extremely willing to please, we use that to get the results we desire. 

Retriever touch up class:

We offer a retriever touch up class, which is based around the off season. During the off season keep your retriever tuned up and in shape. the length of this class is dependent on your goals for your retriever, and will be set by each individual client.


Basic Obedience:

Obedience is the foundation of the gun dog, you have to have an obedient dog if you want a good or great gun dog. All aspects of training build off of obedience training. We go above and beyond with our obedience training by exposing the dogs to every possible situation. They will learn sit, stay, and heal. Also how to load onto a dog stand/Platform, ride on a 4-wheeler/Ranger, and on a boat. load into a kennel and they will get their begining foundation of whistle commands and have started with basic marks. Basic obedience session is 3 to 4 months depending on the dog. 


Started Retriever Training:

In this session your dog will have a continuation of obedience training, and whistle commands. They will be able to perform multiple marks land and water, will start on their basics for blind retrieves and Hand signals and learn to be steady to the shot. This session is 3 to 4 months depending on the dog. 


Finished Retriever Training:

In this session your gun dog will become proficient with any water and land mark, whistles commands, hand signals, and blind retrieves. they will also be introduced to poision birds (distraction birds during retrieves) along with being steady to the shot. This session again is 3 to 4 months depending on the dog. 

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