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Brent grew up hunting, fishing, and spending all his spare time outdoors. He grew up in a family that had a passion for dogs. In his early teens he was able to buy his first Labrador Retriever. Not being able to afford to have his Labrador professionally trained, he read as many books as he could find on how to train retrievers. He was successful in training that first Labrador and learned how satisfying it was to be able to train his own dog and see him work in the fields retieving doves and in the sloughs retrieving ducks.

He continued learning new skills as a trainer through his teens and early twenties while also hunting ducks and geese around Western Kentucky. After college, Brent went to work as a Paramedic and a full time Firefighter. In his late twenties while continuing his knowledge as a dog trainer he learned about British Labradors. He attended several seminars about British Labradors and British training methods. He then purchased his first British Labrador. He was amazed at how much easier they were to train, and how the British training methods were easier on the dog and trainer. It created a tighter bond between the dog and trainer. He continued his research on the breed and learned that due to the strict breeding regulations and guidelines the British Labradors were not predisposed to hip displaysia and cataracts. Also these regulations and guidelines helped keep unwanted traits out of the breed creating a easy to train, calm dog with unbelievable game finding ability. Brent was hooked, this is the type of dog that he has always wanted. It was during this time that Brent meet his soon to be wife Holly she too was raised in a hunting family and a family that had a passion for dogs. 

Brent and Holly were married in 2003 and shortly after established Pine Ridge British Labradors. Since then they have had their greatest accomplishments with the birth of their two daughters Avery and Addison. Over the years Brent and Holly have worked very hard at obtaining and maintaining the British Labrador traits and pedigrees they feel are of highest quality. 

The Pine Ridge family loves to take thier dogs on every hunt and adventure possible. Every year Brent travels to Canada for their annual trip hunting ducks and geese and then to South Dakota hunting pheasants. He spends several weeks a year in Arkansas hunting ducks in flooded timber and also here in Kentucky in various locations. The rest of the family joins him as much as they can on hunting trips. They also enjoy spending time with their dogs, seeing them work and enjoying hunting themselves.  

They are looking forward to many more years working with the dogs they love unconditionally, and making more friends through their kennel. 


"The LORD is good to all and his mercy is over all that he has made"

psalm 145:9

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